Cristiano Ronaldo receives Manchester United's message while they draw Aston Villa

In the half-time break during the game in Perth, Cristiano Ronaldo hit "tweet". He was tearing his toned abs wearing his Manchester United shorts. 

The timing is crucial and Ronaldo's tweet seemed to be strategic. 

Anthony Martial, who passed the ball on through to Bruno Fernandes, then onto Marcus Rashford and he played in Luke Shaw on the overlap. 

These team-based moves fluid have become regular across Bangkok from Bangkok to Perth through Melbourne. 

From Melbourne From Melbourne Perth, United have shown their worth in four games, three victories one draw, as well as 13 scores. 

These goals were not expected under the previous regimes, and the times they did, they were typically on the counter. 

This winter's World Cup is working to their advantage, with Sancho and Rashford trying to get back spots in the England team. 

Shaw was enticed by the height of the field in Melbourne and then dithering twice while Fernandes was unprofessional. 

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