Florida Panthers Acquire, Extend Matthew Tkachuk

The Florida Panthers and Calgary Flames have concluded a huge, blockbuster transaction. 

The two teams are announced the swaps separately. disclosed the trade: Matthew Tkachuk and an unconfirmed fourth-round selection will go with the Florida Panthers 

This settles the Tkachuk contract issue and seals off any possibility regarding Tkachuk being a part of St. Louis Blues. St. Louis Blues 

This is a deal that we rarely see. It involves three stars. 

Three stars in a trade isn't often seen which makes this trade even more intriguing to unravel. 

This deal is Treliving's way of reviving the Flames hope for the coming season after a disastrous beginning into their winter break. 

It is very easy to argue that on a player-for-player basis the Flames have significantly improved with this trade. 

It's true, Tkachuk is a superstar and combines his incredible skills with peskiness and physical strength to offer a set of equipment that very few players match. 

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